Analytical Services

Sample Submission Guidelines:

  • Please follow a standard cell lysis protocol. We recommend sending a minimum of 100 μg of protein for full protein profiling and 300 μg for mini-phospho analysis.

  • For phosphoproteome analysis, we recommend submitting at least 1-2 mg or more of lysate.

  • You must mention the buffer composition if submitting lysates.

  • For protein ID of immunoprecipitated samples or gel bands, please contact (Ross Tomaino) Taplin Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility.

  • For quantitative analysis of immunoprecipitated samples,

    • You MUST run 5-10% of your eluates on a gel, stain them with Coomassie Blue or silver-stain, and run a Western Blot to detect bait protein.

    • Send us the stained gel image and western blot showing your bait protein and/or other positive control.

    • Only after submission of gel & blot image and consultation with TCMP Staff, you can submit the remaining 90% of sample for TCMP processing.

    • In the sample submission form (IP), you must provide the buffer composition of the eluates and the protocol followed to elute.

    • For the best multiplex IP results we recommend the following:

  • Use crosslinked antibodies.
  • Bait proteins should have epitope purification tags, e.g. Flag, HA, etc.
  • For statistically significant data analysis, we recommend running your experiments at least in triplicate and including appropriate controls. Please mention whether they are biological or technical replicates in sample submission notes.
  • All the sample tubes must be clearly labelled & properly sealed.

  • Include species name in the sample submission form. We cannot accommodate different species (e.g. Mouse and Human) in a single TMT experiment.

  • The more information we have about the nature of the samples, the better we will be able to serve you.

  • The samples must be brought in or shipped on dry ice.

General Information:

TCMP provides protein and Phosphopeptides/PTM profiling analytical services to the HMS Community and to the external users. All instruments are maintained and operated by staff.

  • If you are a member of the HMS Community, please check the rates and fill out the sample submission form, answers the question Listed and provide a Harvard 33-Digit code.

  • If you are an external user and would like to purchase these analytical services from the Center, please check the rates and fill out the sample submission form and provide a purchase order number (include the amount on the P.O. number) or a credit card or instructions for bank transfer. Please provide a billing address for sending the invoice. Samples will not be analyzed unless your P.O. or credit card information is received. All P.O. numbers should be made payable to Harvard University.

  • Please send PO number forms to (TCMP[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu). PO numbers must be made payable to Harvard University with this remittance address:

Harvard University
Central Accounts Receivable
PO Box 4999, Boston,
MA 02212-4999

For additional information:

  • Turnaround times vary between four to five weeks of full proteome analysis (minimum two weeks for Quant-IPs) depending on our backlog, instrument performance.

  • Upon completion of work, TCMP will provide you a report in powerpoint, indicating sample processing details, sneak peak of the analysis and protein quant data in Excel. For any further help with analysis, please contact us with specific requirement.

  • Some projects require considerable amounts of processing time to develop and run the MS analysis. For plasma and serum extra preparation work is required and additional fees will be charged.